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Loxton 8 MK3 - Mar'14 - Oct'18

Below you will find exploded diagrams of the Loxton 8 MK3 spare parts, this stove was available between March 2014 and October 2018.

There were two brick sets that were used within this stove please see details below:

V1 Brick SetPresent in stoves produced from March 2015 to Feb 2015 - MK3 Version 1 can be distinguished from Version 2 by the rear bricks measuring 245mm high.

V2 Brick Set : Present in stoves produced from March 2016 to Oct 2018 - MK3 Version 2 can be distinguished from Version 1 by the rear bricks measuring 198mm high, as well as the baffle bricks measuring 300mm high.

There are multiple images and you can use the buttons at the top to switch between them.

When you have found the correct part, click on the corresponding number and you will be taken to the part page where you can add the item to your cart.

There is also a full listing of all the parts below the diagrams.

Stove Door Brick Set V1 Brick Set V2

Spare Parts

Fire Bricks V1 - March 2014 - Feb 2015

Lox/Chu 8KW Mk.3 Rear Brick Set V1


These Bricks measure 245mm high. Present in stoves produced from March 2014 to Feb 2015
Cleaning Hatch MK3


This is suitable for all MK3 models.

Furnace Door

Cast Iron Door complete


Suitable for; Loxton 8 Mk3 & 4, Burcott Mk2
Loxton 8 Mk3 Cast - DOOR ONLY


Suitable for; Loxton 8 Mk3, burcott Mk2, Loxton DS
Glass - Loxton 8 MK 2, 3, 4


Suitable for; Loxton 8 Mk2, MK3 & MK4, Burcott Mk2, Loxton Double Sided stoves
Glass Clamp Kit


Suitable for the Sqabox unO & duO MK3, Loxton 5, 6, & 8 MK3, and Loxton 8 Double Sided MK3 & MK3.1
Door Handle & Fixing Kit - Loxton Mk.3


Also fits the Mk.3 Sqabox & Burcott

Heat Shield

Rear Heat Shield - Inner


Suitable for Loxton 8, Churchill 8 and Woodland Large
Rear Heat Shield - Outer


Underside Heat Deflector


Rear Heat Shield - Collar