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Why Choose an Oil Stove?

There’s nothing like coming home to the glow of a warming stove in your home.

When a solid fuel stove is not appropriate, or suitable for your home and you already have an oil boiler, or access to a heating oil line then an oil stove can be a great alternative.

They offer all the benefits of a woodburning stove but without any soot or ash.

Stanford 21 Oil Stove

Nestor Martin offer two small but mighty oil stoves, the Harmony 11 and the Stanford 21. These brilliant oil stoves are modern in every way but their appearance, looking from the outside like traditional wood burners.

As well as creating a classic focal point within the room, a freestanding stove will also provide powerful heat and take its place as the hub of the home. It’s never too early to consider installing an elegant cast iron design into your living room, dining area or open-plan kitchen space. As well as feeling the benefit for years to come, a freestanding stove can also add value to your home and attract buyers if you choose to sell up in the future.

There are many advantages to owning an oil-fired stove. Perfect for those who live in rural areas without access to mains gas, the S21 traditional design from Nestor Martin is not only easy to use but it is also reliable, low-maintenance and inexpensive to run, using just 0.15 ltr of oil per hour at minimum. It comes with an electric starter but will continue to provide powerful heat output in the event of a power cut, as it does not require any electricity to operate and can also be started manually, too.

Each stove is easy to use with a simple igniter button and easy-access controls at the top for optimum room temperature and controllable flame.

At the heart of our oil stoves is a highly efficient burner that incorporates technology to optimize the mix of combustion air and oil; resulting in an excellent combustion. The H11 oil stove is built from cast iron, which grants it a robust look and has a higher heat retention capacity than steel. Easy to operate, it has as standard, electric push button ignition. All this means that you will reap the benefits of this stoves unmatched performance and efficiency for years to come.

Main Components of Harmony and Stanford Oil Stove

The stove can be connected to a new or existing oil tank with a gravity-fed burner, which does not require a pump. The Nestor Martin vaporising burner pot burns so efficiently that carbon deposits are kept to a minimum. The operation of a simple de-coking tool on the inlet for the oil into the burner is all that is required during the heating season. Like all heating appliances a yearly service by a competent engineer is required.

It must be installed by a qualified OFTEC installer and uses standard heating grade oil. Visit for approved installers in your area.

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