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Picture of Loxton 5, 6 (Mk1,2,3) & 8 (Mk1) Glass

Loxton 5, 6 (Mk1,2,3) & 8 (Mk1) Glass

When replacing this product you should also replace the glass seal; this will help to protect the glass during thermal expansion and ultimately increase the life of your glass. You can find the glass rope seal here: Glass Rope Seal | Eurostove

When it comes to undoing the retention screws associated with the glass clamps, we recommend that you soak them in a water-displacing oil to make them easier to remove and so less likely to damage the screws. Additionally when you tighten these screws, be sure not to over-tighten them because when the glass expands during the operation of the fire it can cause the glass to crack.

This product is suitable for;

Loxton and Sqabox 5 and 6kW, Mk1,2 and Mk3 versions

Loxton 8 Mk1

Burcott Mk1




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