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Vermiculite Fire Bricks

Complete Vermiculite Brick Set - Lox, Ch 8kW Mk.3 V.2
In Stock, Ready to Order


Lox/Chu 8kw Mk.3 Rear Brick Set V2
In Stock, Ready to Order


These bricks are 198mm high, ribbed and posses air holes. Introduced at Feb 2015
Lox - Ch 8kw MK3 Side Brick set V2
In Stock, Ready to Order


Universal Cast Iron Grate Mk.3 - Churchill, Loxton, Sqabox & The Woodland
Next Available Date: 15/03/2019


Universal cast grate for all models of Loxton, churchill and Sqabox stoves frpm 4.5 to 10kW
Lox - Ch 8kw MK3 Baffle Brick set V2
In Stock, Ready to Order